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New Light Adjustable Lens Technology for Cataract Patients

Tyson Eye is now offering the new RX Sight’s Light Adjustable Lens technology for cataract patients. Dr. Tyson and Dr. Stephens were the first in Southwest Florida to implant this new technology. This new technology introduced in cataract surgery is used to replace the natural lens when it’s removed. Traditional cataract surgery relies on pre-surgical measurements to predict the appropriate

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Doctor Stephens

Common Corneal Problems and Surgeries

What is the Cornea and What Does it Do? The eye is often described as the biological equivalent of a camera. One important part of this camera is the cornea. The cornea is the transparent front covering of the eye which provides protection to the eye’s delicate internal anatomy. It also allows the eye to focus by refracting light onto

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Say Goodbye to Dry Eye – Know the Triggers

The saying “bringing someone to tears” takes on a whole new meaning if you’ve ever suffered from dry eye. Yes, that itchy, burning sensation that feels like someone just threw sand in your eyes? These can all be symptoms of dry eye syndrome and are pretty tough to ignore. The condition is usually the result of not producing enough tears

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Dr. Tyson Voted Best

On July 24th Cape Coral Eye Centers was voted the best in SWFL for the 13th year. Along with Cape Coral Eye Center receiving the Best Optical Vision award, Dr. Farrell C. Tyson was named SWFL’s Best Eye Doctor/ Eye Surgeon and Dr. Karen Major was named SWFL’s Best Audiologist.

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Dr. Farrell C. Tyson Contributes Chapter to Book on Cataract Surgery

Tyson Eye Eye Center’s Dr. Farrell C. Tyson II has contributed to the creation of the newly released “Premium Cataract Surgery: A step-by-step guide” by writing a chapter in the book on Multifocal Implants. The chapter covers not only the science behind these implants, but how to converse with and manage patients interested in them. Published by SLACK Incorporated, the

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