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Blepharitis is a common eyelid condition, sometimes called granulated eyelids. Blepharitis can be treated.

Three of the most common types of blepharitis are ulcerative blepharitis, seborrhea blepharitis, and staphylococcus blepharitis. Staphylococcus blepharitis is an infection caused by staph bacteria. Seborrhea blepharitis is caused by improper function of the oil glands, resulting in scales along the eyelid. Ulcerative blepharitis results in matted, hard crusts around the eyelids.

Your ophthalmologist will prescribe the best treatment plan for you, as each individual is different. However, cleaning for all three types is necessary and simple. Using warm to hot tap water, gently rub the scaling eyelid with a wet wash cloth until the scaling is gone. Gentle scrubbing with baby shampoo can also be used to clean the eyelids.