Laser Iridotomy

Laser iridotomy is a treatment for narrow angle glaucoma which must be dealt with as a medical emergency. Narrow angle glaucoma causes the pressure inside the eye to rise rapidly, which will cause damage to the delicate optic nerve, causing permanent loss of vision if not treated quickly.

The procedure involves making a tiny hole in the iris to allow fluid to drain from inside the eye to the outside, thus relieving the pressure. Before undergoing an iridotomy, the patient must realize that an iridotomy is to preserve vision, not to improve it.

At the conclusion of the procedure, additional eye drops, along with instructions on how to use them, will be given.

The decision about whether or not to have laser iridotomy is very important, and the decision can only be made by you. The most important reason for having this procedure is to reduce the intraocular pressure. Serious complications to this type of ophthalmic procedure are extremely rare. However, most patients experience some side effects. Most of these side effects are mild and eventually go away.

To assist you in deciding if laser iridotomy is right for you, your ophthalmic caregivers will give you reading material about the procedure that will assist you in making your decision.