Say Goodbye to Dry Eye – Know the Triggers

The saying “bringing someone to tears” takes on a whole new meaning if you’ve ever suffered from dry eye. Yes, that itchy, burning sensation that feels like someone just threw sand in your eyes? These can all be symptoms of dry eye syndrome and are pretty tough to ignore. The condition is usually the result of not producing enough tears or in some cases, too many. Tired of feeling like you can’t blink comfortably? It might help to understand some of the causes of dry eye.

Allergens – One of the big, blinking signs of an allergy is red, irritated eyes. Allergens such as pet dander, pollen, and other environmental pollutants can be key contributors to dry eye.

Direct Irritants – Things that come in direct contact with the surface of your eye for long periods of time can irritate the eyes. Contact lenses, smoke, and eye makeup can lead to dry eye and other uncomfortable eye conditions. Windy conditions, ceiling fans, and air-conditioning can also have a drying effect on the eyes.

Nutrition – There’s no question what you put in your body affects every aspect of your health. The eyes are no exception. Fat-free diets and diets that are Vitamin A deficient have been linked to dry eye.

Medication – It might seem like a contradiction that the antihistamines you take to manage your allergies can cause dry eye, but it’s true. Some prescription and over the counter drugs like and pain relievers can result in dry eye.

Excessive Use – In our screen-heavy society, people are spending a lot more time in front of a computer, staring at cell phones, and driving. The result is often eye fatigue which can lead to dry eye symptoms.

It’s helpful to understand the external factors that affect your eyes but there are genetic causes and diseases that can be the culprit too. That’s why there’s no substitute for a real diagnosis from a qualified eye-care professional. If you’re suffering from dry eye, glaucoma, macular degeneration or other eye condition, Tyson Eye Center is here to help. Schedule a consultation today and experience the difference. At Tyson Eye, we’re proud of delivering advanced technology and experience with a healthy dose of old-fashioned concern. Call us today at 239-542-2020 or click here to request an appointment.