Retina Treatments

Treatment of retinal conditions can be complex and often urgent.
Some of the more common treatment options include:

Surgical Laser:

Often used with retinal tears and abnormal blood vessel growth, the laser is used to heat very small areas of the damaged tissue. The scar tissue formed during the healing process binds the surrounding retinal tissue together, often preventing a retinal detachment.

Pneumatic Retinopexy:

Is a procedure that injects air or gas into your eye to repair retinal detachments. It can be used with other treatments.


The retina surgeon removes the vitreous or gel-like fluid inside the eye, then injects air, gas or liquid into the space. This procedure can be used if inflammation, bleeding or debris clouds the vitreous and obstructs the surgeon’s view of the retina.

Injecting Medicine Into the Vitreous of the Eye:

This intravitreal injection is often used in treatment of wet macular degeneration, broken blood vessels, or diabetic retinopathy. This is often an option for non-surgical or clinic locations.

Subtenon Injections:

Is an injection of medication or anaesthesia between the sclera and the Tenon capsule. Subtenon injections are an alternative to intravitreal injections for retinal conditions.