Traditional Cataract Surgery

A group of eye doctors performing cataract surgery

Cataract surgery can be intimidating, however, you have nothing to worry about at Tyson Eye. Our expert staff and experienced doctors have you covered. What should you expect before, during, and after your cataract surgery?

Before Your Cataract Surgery

Before your cataract surgery, you will have a consultation. During this consultation, your cataract surgeon will check your eyes to make sure they are healthy enough for surgery. You will also give your doctor an idea of your medical background and any current medical conditions. During this consultation, you and your surgeon will discuss IOLs. Your IOL will replace your natural lens which has the cataract, so it is important to choose an IOL that fits your visual needs and lifestyle.

During Your Surgery

On the day of your cataract surgery, you should arrange a ride home after your surgery. You should also pick up any prescriptions you may need for after the surgery. Before beginning, your surgeon will numb your eyes. He will then create a small incision in the cornea that will allow access to the cataract. Once the cataract is accessed, he will use ultrasonic or laser technology to break up the cataract for easy removal. Once the cataract has been completely removed, a clear, flexible intraocular lens (IOL) will take its place. Once the IOL is properly positioned, your cataract surgery is over!

After Cataract Surgery

After your surgery, you will be able to go home. You will be sent home with an eye patch, which you will wear for a certain amount of time to keep the eye-safe as it heals. You must use antibiotic eye drops prescribed by Tyson Eye during the healing period. You may use preservative-free lubricating drops to keep your eyes comfortable at any time.


 Your eyes should heal quickly, and you will have several follow-up appointments to ensure everything is recovering as it should. Cataract patients typically see an improvement in vision immediately after surgery, but full results will not be apparent until a few weeks after surgery.