New Light Adjustable Lens Technology for Cataract Patients

Tyson Eye is now offering the new RX Sight’s Light Adjustable Lens technology for cataract patients. Dr. Tyson and Dr. Stephens were the first in Southwest Florida to implant this new technology.

This new technology introduced in cataract surgery is used to replace the natural lens when it’s removed. Traditional cataract surgery relies on pre-surgical measurements to predict the appropriate power and sphere for best vision. This new lens allows the surgeon to bring the patient back post-surgery and make changes to their prescription using a specialized light delivery device. These changes are adjusted to the individual’s lifestyle needs.

“Tyson Eye is excited to offer new cataract lens technology, which is made from materials unlike any lens in the past 50 years. The light adjustable lens is the world’s most precise lens,” said Dr. Farrell Tyson.

Tyson Eye is regarded as one of the premier eye care centers in Southwest Florida. Tyson Eye’s surgeons and doctors have helped thousands of people enjoy better vision and have consistently introduced break-through technology to the area. Tyson Eye is committed to excellence by delivering modern technology with old fashioned concern.