Eyewear Care

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Caring for your Eyeglasses

Here are few guidelines to extend the life of your eyeglasses:

  • Clean your eyewear with professional eyeglass cleaner and lens care products. Do not use common household cleaning products, such as window cleaners, to clean your lenses, as they can cause damage to your lenses. (If your lenses are overly dirty, you can rinse them under water first.)
  • Give your lenses a thorough cleaning with liquid cleaner and a clean microfiber cloth daily.
  • Store your glasses in a case to protect against accidental damage.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to gently clean your eyewear as needed. When the cloth is not in use, keep it safe from dust and other particles that could transfer to and damage your lenses. To remove dirt particles, wash your microfiber cloth periodically.
  • Use both hands to remove and put on your glasses to keep your frames properly aligned avoiding damage.

Caring for your Contact Lenses

Here are a few guidelines to extend the life of your contact lenses:

  • Always wash your hands with warm water and soap before handling your contact lenses or before touching your eyes. Any residue from lotions, soaps, or chemicals may stick to the contact lens, causing pain, irritation, or blurred vision.
  • Clean and store your contact lenses as prescribed (in a clean case in fresh solution). Different types of contact lenses require special care and certain types of cleansing products. Always use the eye care products recommended by your eye doctor. Some eye products or eye drops are not safe for contact lens wearers.
  • Clean your contact lens case after each use with either sterile solution or hot water and let air dry before storing your lenses.
  • Never use plain water directly on your contact lenses, and never put your contact lenses in your mouth to clean them.
Holding a contact lens with solution
Contact lenses
  • Clean your contact lens by rubbing it gently with your finger and the palm of your hand. “No Rub” solutions allow you to rinse your contact lenses without rubbing.
  • Do not sleep with your contact lenses in unless you are prescribed “Extended Wear” contacts. If you accidentally fall asleep with your contact lenses in, make sure to put eye drops and wait a few minutes before trying to remove your lenses.
  • Put in your contact lenses before applying makeup to avoid contaminating your contact lens. When removing your makeup be sure that you wash and dry your hands before removing your contact lenses and then remove your makeup.
  • Don’t let the solution bottles touch other surfaces, including your fingers, eyes, or contact lenses. This can cause the solution to become contaminated.

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