Couple showing the benefits of quality eyewear

Benefits of Quality Eyewear

What are the real benefits when it comes to purchasing quality eyewear? Whether you’re shopping for corrective lenses or you’re just looking for a new pair of shades, it can be tough to know what to look for and how much is too much to spend. There are tangible benefits to investing in the tool that helps you see the world more clearly. If you’re shopping for new glasses, here are some things to consider including in your budget.

Anti-reflective treatment

An AR treatment reduces eye strain and also allows more light to pass through the lenses enhancing your vision. This is particularly important at night, when there is even less light available. Also, premium AR lenses usually include a treatment that seals in the AR into the material and helps repel water and oil. In addition to eliminating reflections, AR treatment can also make the lenses much more scratch resistant and usually come with extended warranty’s for replacement.

Polarized lenses

When choosing sunglasses, there are many benefits to choosing Polarized lens.  Polarization offers protection not only from the harmful UV light rays, but they also help reduce the amount of reflective glare.  As a result this is an excellent choice for driving, water sports, or everyday wear.

Transition lenses

Transition or “Photochromic” lenses darken in the sun and lighten when you’re out of the sun. This lens is convenient when there is not an opportunity to carry two pair of glasses. They also provide continuous UV protection for your eyes.

Scratch resistant

If you’ve ever scratched a lens, you know how distracting it is to your vision. Even if you buy glasses with real glass or durable polycarbonate lenses, they are not completely scratch proof. But investing in high-quality lenses with a scratch resistant coating can keep your lenses damage free for longer.

UV protective treated lenses

UV protection is an invisible dye that blocks harmful UV light that can lead to a variety of eye issues. Photochromic lenses and many of the polycarbonate and high-index plastic lenses already have UV protection built in. When it comes to eyewear, you really do often get what you pay for. Consider investing a little more to savenot only the expense of having to replace your glasses more often, but to protect your vision in the long run. If you’re experiencing vision issues or just want to schedule your annual eye exam, contact the caring professionals at Tyson Eye. Are you just looking to purchase new eyewear? We’ve got that covered too! The Tyson Eye Optical Shops have been voted “Best of Southwest Florida: Best Optical Vision Centers,” for sixteen years! Get more information here. We’re here to help you take care of the things you see the world with.