How Cataract Surgery Can Improve your Life

There’s no question poor vision can affect about every area of your life. In fact, it can make the most routine tasks difficult. Every day activities like driving, playing a game of pickleball, or simply walking the dog can become impossible. And in more serious cases, vision impairment can even affect your livelihood and overall health, especially if playing pickleball and walking Spot are the core activities in your fitness regimen.

To fix a problem, you need to understand it. So, what is the most reported reason for vision impairment? According to the CDC, the leading cause in people 40 and older is cataracts. A whopping 20.5 million people across the U.S are affected by cataracts.
What are Cataracts?
Cataracts are the proteins on the lens of your eye that have broken down and formed a clump. When they become too large, light is unable to pass through and your vision can become cloudy. And while they are an unavoidable aspect of aging, cataracts can occur for other reasons as well. Diabetes, smoking, eye injuries, and genetics can all contribute to cataracts.

Treating Cataracts
Fortunately, most people are good candidates for cataract surgery. Considered a common and safe procedure, cataract surgery is a fairly brief and relatively painless procedure. Under a local anesthetic, your surgeon will remove the natural lens in your eye, replacing it with an artificial lens.

Life is Good
There are no guarantees cataract surgery will improve the vision in every patient, but the success rate is high. Over 3 million people in the U.S. undergo cataract surgery every year, with 90% of patients improving their vision after surgery. The patient benefits highlighted by American Academy of Ophthalmology are even more encouraging.

• 40% lower mortality risk for patients who had cataract surgery
• 16% decrease in odds of hip fractures after cataract surgery
• 13% decrease in odds of car crashes after cataract surgery

Translation? Life is better when you can see a little more clearly. Don’t take your vision for granted. Getting regular eye exams can help you stay ahead of curve when it comes to protecting your eyes. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact the professionals at Tyson Eye Center. We’re committed to helping patients get the most out of life by seeing it clearly with their own two eyes.