How Often Should You Get an Eye Exam

How Often Should You Get an Eye Exam?

Getting a regular eye exam is as important to your health as getting your annual physical or seeing the dentist, but some people only get their eyes examined when they are experiencing vision problems.

Many eye diseases, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, may not have any symptoms until you start experiencing vision loss. If these conditions are caught early and treatment begins promptly, your vision can maintained. Regular eye exams allow doctors to detect a number of eye diseases early, before vision loss occurs.

Additionally, if you wait several years between eye appointments, it’s likely that you might be wearing the wrong glasses and/or contact lens prescription, which can cause issues like eye strain, headaches, and fatigue.

Who Should Get an Exam at Least Once a Year

If you have a family history of glaucoma, cataracts, retinal disorders, or diabetes, you are at a greater risk of having eye issues that could impact your vision. It’s important to have your eyes checked regularly to spot any problems early when they can be treated and to monitor any existing issues.

Also, if you’ve had a previous eye injury, have been diagnosed with an eye condition, or are over age 65, a yearly exam is highly recommended. As you age, your vision can deteriorate more rapidly, and you are also more prone to conditions like dry eye.

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