Cape Coral Eye Center First Cape Business to “Go Green” With Solar

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Cape Coral, FL June 05, 2008 – Farrell C. Tyson, M.D. announces that the Cape Coral Eye Center has “Gone Green,” with the addition of an 1800 square foot solar system on the roof of its two-story Medical Clinic and Surgery Center in Cape Coral, the first of its kind in this area.

“I think businesses need to be cognizant of the impact they have, not only on the air and water quality of our community, but on energy consumption as well,” says Dr. Tyson. “By producing no air pollution or hazardous waste, installation of a solar generator helps protect our natural resources, not to mention other environmental, social and political benefits as well.”

With the addition of 99 photovoltaic (PV) modules, Dr. Tyson hopes to create at least 45% of the energy the Eye Center consumes, which means the unit will ultimately pay for itself, “Especially in light of the rising oil prices and the increase in electrical rates this summer ~ it makes financial sense.”

Michael Brown, designer and owner of Solar-Ray Energy Products of Orlando, estimates the average production of the new system to be between 85-100 Kilowatt hours of electricity per day. On weekends, when the Eye Center is closed, Brown says the electric meter will literally rewind as the solar system generates a surplus of energy which is then “sold back” to the power company. The 3×5 modules are relatively low maintenance and engineered to withstand winds up to 140 mph.

“We’ve been in the planning stages of this for some time, seeking out the right technology and the right design engineer for the installation,” said Dr. Tyson. “Now that it’s finally installed, I’m looking forward to seeing how well it meets our projected goals, and also hope to be a mentor to other businesses that are considering doing the same.”

Dr. Tyson specializes in cataracts, glaucoma and other diseases of the eye, LASIK, and eye emergencies. He is the Medical Director of the Cape Coral Eye Center and is on the Editorial Advisory Board of Ophthalmology Management Magazine.