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Understanding LASIK

Imagine LASIK allowing you to live your life without glasses or contacts. Imagine everything in clear, bright, vibrant color. You no longer strain to focus. Activities like hiking, biking, swimming, tennis, and golf are much more convenient because you don’t have to worry about your glasses sliding down your nose or losing a contact lens. At Tyson Eye, this freedom and comfort is precisely what we strive to achieve every day for the people who have chosen to trust their eyes to us.

Your decision on where to go for vision correction should not be made lightly. The center you choose should offer advanced technology and experienced surgeons. At Tyson Eye, we know every patient’s vision correction needs are different. There’s no “one size fits all” attitude here and we’ve invested in technology that lets us personalize a procedure that will be just right for your eyes.

You’ll find confidence in our advanced technology, and in the fact that our experienced Cape Coral eye surgeons are dedicated to providing unsurpassed results for each patient. As you consider any type of vision correction, you can be confident in our commitment to be there every step of the way to make the process comfortable, and above all, successful.

Ask Us About Lasik


While LASIK surgery is extremely effective and popular, it is not for everybody. There are some factors that can make LASIK surgery too risky for certain people. To qualify for this surgery, you must:
Before your surgery, you will need to attend a LASIK consultation. This allows Dr. Stephens to ensure that you are a good candidate. During your consultation at one of our offices, Dr. Stephens will check your eyes to see what adjustments should be made, as well as look out for any possible issues. You will also be asked a bit about your lifestyle to determine whether or not LASIK is right for you.

Before you can schedule your LASIK surgery, you will have a consultation at one of our Southwest Florida offices. Dr. Stephens will do a thorough examination of your eyes. This will allow him to assess whether or not LASIK is right for you, and devise the perfect plan to improve your vision.

Dr. Stephens may advise you to remove your contact lenses around two weeks before your surgery. On your surgery day, you should make sure to remove all makeup before arriving. You should also arrange a ride home for yourself, as you vision will be too blurry right after.



checking your eyes
numbing your eyes with topical anesthesia
speculum placed over the eyes
A Thin, Circular Hinged Flap Is Created
flap will be peeled back to expose the inner layers of the cornea
excimer laser reshapes the cornea
smoothing the corneal flap over
the surgery is done!
checking your eyes once more after surgery


Once home after your LASIK surgery, we recommend taking a nap. This will allow you to sleep through some of the irritation that can occur after surgery. If your eyes are itchy, it’s important not to rub them. Use lubricating eye drops as often as you need, and be sure to follow the instructions for the use of your medicated eye drops.

The day after your surgery, you will have a follow up appointment with Dr. Stephens to ensure everything is healing well. You will be able to ask any questions or voice any concerns during this appointment.

Many people notice improvements in vision directly after surgery, but your vision will likely still be blurry for a little while. You will be able to drive and get back to most daily activities the day after surgery, but full results may not be achieved for another week.

Are you thinking about LASIK? If you have questions or if you want to see if you’re a candidate for LASIK surgery, contact our office to schedule your consultation! Our LASIK experts are here to walk you through every step of the way. Contact Tyson Eye to get started on your journey.

Advanced Technology

Wavefront Optimized® LASIK – fast, efficient, personalized
Since laser vision correction was introduced well over a decade ago, there have been steady advancements in the technology, leading to enhanced safety and visual outcomes.

Always at the forefront of technology, Tyson Eye uses the advanced Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Excimer laser system, proven effective with a precise, personalized treatment.

Leading the Way in LASIK Technology

Thanks to LASIK, most people who meet the general age and health requirements are candidates. LASIK has earned FDA approval to treat the broadest range of vision imperfections ever – including mild to severe nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. In fact, more than 94% of the eligible population is now a potential candidate for it. So even if you’ve been turned down for laser vision correction in the past, you may be able to have LASIK at Tyson Eye.


What Others Have to Say

“The biggest thing I wanted to change was being able to see my audience.” Ray Gomes, a branding and marketing specialist, said getting the LASIK procedure allowed him to not only see again, but also return to a more active lifestyle. Now, whether he’s ballroom dancing, playing soccer or just hanging out with friends, he’s enjoying the clearer view.

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What is LASIK?

LASIK is a procedure that corrects vision by reshaping the cornea using the precision of excimer laser technology. It is one of the most popular forms of vision correction due to its accuracy, safety, quick recovery time, wide range of correction and minimal discomfort. The entire procedure takes only a short time. Both eyes can be done the same day, and no stitches or patches are necessary.

LASIK can be a safe and effective procedure that, in the hands of a highly trained, experienced ophthalmologist like Dr. Tyson, can reduce and sometimes eliminate dependence on glasses and contact lenses. Patients who are nearsighted, farsighted and have astigmatism can benefit from LASIK treatment. Results are impressive and recovery time is rapid – in fact, most of our patients are able to resume most normal activities as soon as the very next day!

Once the procedure is completed, you will be given additional eye drops. Your vision will probably be a little blurry at first, so we ask that you have someone drive you home and that you relax for the rest of the day. Recovery from LASIK is amazingly fast. At Tyson Eye, you can count on us to be there every step of the way.