person reading a book with glasses to show the gift of LASIK surgery

Give Yourself the Gift of LASIK Surgery for the New Year

This year, make a resolution to see clearer and enjoy doing the things you love to do like hiking, biking, swimming or playing golf without the hassle of glasses or contacts. With LASIK laser eye surgery, it’s possible. There are approximately 700,000 Americans who get a safe and effective LASIK procedure each year, making it one of the most popular elective surgeries of any kind. The LASIK procedure reshapes the cornea to correct vision conditions. There is no better surgeon to perform this procedure than a cornea specialist, like Dr. Stephens!

Find out if LASIK is Right for You

If you are looking for the freedom and convenience of being able to see clearly without glasses or contacts, LASIK vision correction could be the perfect gift for yourself in the new year. As long as you have a stable vision prescription, your prescription falls within certain limits, are in overall good health, and don’t have dry eye, you are likely a candidate for LASIK.

In fact, most people who meet the general age and health requirements are candidates. LASIK has earned FDA approval to treat the broadest range of vision imperfections ever including mild to severe nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. In fact, more than 94% of the eligible population is now a potential candidate for it. So even if you’ve been turned down for laser vision correction in the past, you may be able to have LASIK at Tyson Eye.

What to Expect Before, During and After Surgery

Before surgery, you’ll need to have a consultation with an experienced LASIK eye surgeon to make sure LASIK is right for you. If you wear contacts, you may have to stop wearing them for around two weeks prior to surgery. On the day of the procedure, you should not wear any makeup and arrange for a ride home as you won’t be able to drive.

During the procedure, your eyes will be numbed with topical drops for the procedure to prevent pain or discomfort. Most patients report that the surgery is painless. Although it varies per person, the LASIK procedure typically takes about 10 minutes per eye, and only 20 – 120 seconds of that time actually involves the laser correction.

After your surgery, we recommend taking a nap. You may have a little blurriness or itchiness which should go away within a week or so. Usually, people are able to drive and get back to their normal activities the next day. We will schedule a follow-up appointment the day after your LASIK procedure to ensure you are healing properly.

The vast majority of patients are pleased with their results; the patient satisfaction rate for LASIK is 95%. So, this New Year, give yourself the gift to see life in a whole new way!

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