someone looking through a pair of glasses and knowing the pros and cons between the two

Contacts or Eyeglasses? Pros and Cons of Both

Whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted or have an astigmatism, you’ll need some form of vision correction to help you see clearly so you can keep enjoying the activities you love. But should you get prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each so you can determine which option is best for you and your lifestyle.


Eyeglass lenses used to be made of glass, but now are typically made of plastic. These lenses can be made for single vision correction, such as glasses you just wear for distance activities like driving or watching an event, or multifocal glasses that can help you see close-up, mid-distance or far away. You may remember bifocals or trifocals, but today, most multifocal lenses are known as progressives, because there is no line dividing the different lenses.

Pros to Eyeglasses

  • Easy to care for and clean
  • Just put them on whenever you need them (easy to put on and take off)
  • A wide variety of frames to fit your style
  • No need to touch your eyes
  • Coatings on lenses available for blue light blocking, sunglasses, anti-glare, etc.

Cons to Eyeglasses

  • Can distort your vision if you have a strong prescription or astigmatism
  • May feel uncomfortable on the bridge of your nose or on your ears
  • Progressive lenses take some getting used to
  • Lenses may fog up or get splattered in the rain; not ideal for sports or other activities
  • Lenses can get scratched


Contact lenses are thin discs of plastic or glass that sit directly on your eye and come in soft and hard versions. Soft contacts are most popular because they tend to be more comfortable to wear and come in the form of daily wear lenses that you take out and clean at night, daily disposals that you throw out after each use, and extended wear lenses, which only need to be removed about once a week for cleaning. Just like glasses, contacts are also available in single vision and multifocal lenses.

Pros to Contacts

  • More natural vision than glasses since they move with your eye, and nothing blocks your vision
  • Don’t fog up or get wet in the rain
  • Better for sports and other physical activities

Cons to Contacts

  • Require more care than glasses including proper handling, cleaning and storage
  • Can cause eye infections or irritations
  • Can cause blurring in people with high astigmatism
  • Can be uncomfortable or take time to get used to
  • The initial fitting requires more follow up care with your eye doctor

Don’t Want to Deal with Either?

If you’re tired of relying on glasses or contacts, you may want to see if you’re a candidate for LASIK laser vision correction.

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