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Eye care is an essential aspect of our overall well-being and Tyson Eye knows that better than anyone else. As a leading provider of vision and optical care services in Southwest Florida, Tyson Eye has won the News-Press “Best Of” award for more than 15 years. Whether you need cataract surgery, seeking retina specialist services, or simply need a new pair of eyeglasses. Tyson Eye is the go-to destination for all your eye care needs.


Tyson Eye is an ophthalmology practice that specializes in eye care, glasses, contacts, surgery, and treatments. They have many locations across Southwest Florida from Naples to Cape Coral, and a team of highly skilled optometrists and surgeons ready to help. Patients can choose from a wide array of services, including routine eye exams, cataract surgery, retina treatment, glaucoma treatments, and more. Tyson Eye has you covered whether you need a simple prescription check or a complex surgical procedure.

Optical and Vision Centers

One of the key reasons that Tyson Eye has won “Best Of” for over 15 years is its exceptional optical and clinical services. They are equipped with the technology and expert staff who deliver personalized and professional eye care services to all their patients. Their optical centers are stocked with a vast selection of high-quality eyeglasses and contact lenses that cater to the unique needs of every individual. The optometric clinics not only provide primary eye care, but also diagnose and treat a variety of eye conditions, such as dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

Cataract Surgeon

Tyson Eye’s cataract surgeons are highly skilled in the latest surgical techniques, IOL options and glaucoma procedures. With advanced surgical equipment and expertise, their team expects exceptional visual results and a swift recovery time. Tyson Eye is regarded as one of the best eye doctor care centers in Southwest Florida. Our surgeons and doctors have helped thousands of people enjoy better vision and have consistently introduced breakthrough technology, such as laser cataract surgery, to the area. We are committed to excellence by delivering modern technology with old-fashioned concern. Want to learn more if you might need cataract surgery? Click here to find out.

Retina Specialist

If you are experiencing issues with your retina, Tyson Eye’s retina specialists are here to help. They offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment options for a variety of retinal conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, and retinal detachment. Over the years, Tyson Eye’s retina specialists have acquired an outstanding reputation for their compassionate and expert eye care.

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Tyson Eye has been a frontrunner in providing outstanding vision and optical care services in Southwest Florida. With a range of services that cater to the unique needs of every individual, from expert cataract surgery to specialized retina care, Tyson Eye is committed to ensuring their patients receive the best possible care. The clinic’s 15-year tenure as the “Best Of” in the region is a testament to their exceptional services and unwavering dedication to the well-being of their patients. If you are looking for reliable, professional, and personalized eye care services, Tyson Eye is the best eye doctor to visit for all your needs. To make a book appointment call or click here!