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Best Lenses for Cataract Surgery

When you have cataracts, the natural lens of your eye becomes cloudy, causing blurred or distorted vision. During cataract surgery, your eye surgeon removes the natural clouded lens of your eye and replaces it with an artificial lens, called an interocular lens (IOL).

The new IOL will be clear and free of the clouding that has been blurring your vision. The new advanced IOLs, may also be able to correct vision problems you’ve had for most of your life. In some cases, people may no longer need to wear glasses or contacts after their cataract surgery.

How is this possible? Standard monofocal IOLs may be able to help you with distance vision, for example, but advanced IOLs come in a range of options to help correct multifocal vision issues, astigmatism, and more.

Get the Lenses Customized for You

At Tyson Eye, we’re excited to be able to offer our cataract patients the latest innovation in advanced IOLs, the Light Adjustable Lens. This breakthrough treatment is the first and only IOL that is implanted during cataract surgery, and then adjusted specifically to meet your vision requirements after surgery.

Light adjustable lenses are made of photosensitive materials that are adjusted by simply exposing them to UV light, to create a custom prescription just for you.

Your doctor will work with you to determine what prescription best fits your vision needs, and then will schedule you for 2 – 5 treatments, where your lens is exposed to light for approximately 90 seconds. During these quick and painless treatments, your eye doctor can precisely adjust your lens prescription for optimal vision.

Check out our testimonial videos from actual cataract patients who have benefited from the Light Adjustable Lens.

We also offer other advanced IOLs like the PanOptix, and Vivity extended focus lenses, which are also designed to provide clear vision at near, mid-range, and at distance.

Talk to Your Eye Surgeon

If you’re interested in clearer, better vision and maybe even a life without the hassle of glasses or contacts, talk to your eye surgeon about whether you’re a candidate for advanced IOLs like the Light Adjustable Lens.

There are several factors that determine if you are a good candidate for advanced IOLs, but generally speaking, if you qualify for cataract surgery, you most likely will also qualify for advanced IOLs.

Trust Tyson Eye with Your Cataract Surgery

Tyson Eye is regarded as one of the premier eye care centers in Southwest Florida. Our surgeons and doctors have helped thousands of people enjoy better vision and have consistently introduced break-through technology to the area – such as the Light Adjustable Lens. Tyson Eye is committed to excellence by delivering modern technology with old fashioned concern. Interested in fixing your cataracts and correcting your vision? Contact us to request an appointment today or call 239-542-2020.